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Welcome to the BADDEST page on the net!

The Official Hideout of The Mad Gear

The Mad Gear is very TOUGH, COOL, and NOT TO BE MESSED WITH.
They are a band that plays VIDEO GAME MUSIC, too.

The Mad Gear is very TOUGH, COOL, and NOT TO BE MESSED WITH.
They are a band that plays VIDEO GAME MUSIC, too.:

The Boys

HOLY CRAP we have so many rad videos!

Here's a bunch more.

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ALRIGHT Q and A Time:

Q: Why do you play video game music?
A: Video game music chose us, so you'd have to ask video game music.

Q: Where do you come from?
A: Metro City, but we don't want to talk about that. We live in Turbo City now, but we
sometimes visit family in Middle TN.

Q: How are you so tough and powerful?
A: Will, determination, and public schooling.

Q: Don't you write any of your own tunes?
A: First, better watch that lip. Second, yes. We wrote the soundtrack to our own beat 'em up, GO RIGHT AND FIGHT.
You can find that soundtrack here.

Q: What genre even are you?
A: Don't try to put us in your box, dad. We're basically rock though.

Q: What game soundtracks have you covered?
A: Chrono Trigger, Axelay, Super Metroid, Sonic Spinball, some Castlevania tunes, the LIST GOES ON

Q: Can I be in the gang?
A: The Mad Gear welcomes all into their ranks, even if they only *aspire*
to be bad and rad.

Q: Can you link me to an entire page of sick gifs?
A: No. Just kidding. YES.


Blood Type: Cold
Pet Peeve: Balloons of any kind
Way of dealing with authority figures: kicking



Catchphrase: "I'm taking this trash to the cleaners!"
Role in Band: Kooky Aunt
Spookiest Animal: This Squid.



Best Moive: Marmaduke
Style of Fighting: Down 'n Dirty
Alternate Costume: Bruce
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